Hydration Hub: Players Get Expert Advice On Site

Did you know that ATP players lose between two to four pounds during an average Citi Open match?

Maintaining hydration before, during, and after competition becomes more difficult – and more important – during the steamy summer hard-court swing, but players have plenty of resources to help.

Some top names can afford to keep a nutritionist or dietitian on staff. For those who don’t employ their own, tournaments provide resources on site. Here at the Citi Open, athletes can consult with an expert in the comfort of the players’ lounge to get details on their body composition plus pre- and post-match fueling tips.

In her three days on site in Washington, D.C., sports dietitian Page Love met with around 50 athletes who visited her desk for nutritional advice and a spin on her high-tech InBody body composition scale. Most players come to find out the ratio of their extracellular water to total body water. In simpler terms, the InBody scale can tell players their exact hydration level and even has the ability to chart increases or decreases over time.

For every pound players lose during a match, USTA Player Development recommends they replace it with 24 ounces of fluid. ATP players should drink three to four liters per day off the court just to meet their basic hydration needs. One women’s handout on Love’s desk advises WTA players to stay away from a low carb, high protein diet, warning that it can lead to low energy levels and increased complication maintaining normal hydration status.

When it comes to nutrition and diet, the cliché holds true: Knowledge is power. And with players competing well into their 30s, many are placing a higher priority on how they fuel their money-makers. 

Hydration Hub