Best Celebrations of 2017

Okay, so we've had a terrific year, really a magnificent year. 2017 was HUGE for tennis in the nation's capital, with one of our best player fields in 49 years of existence. It seems only right to look back on some of our favorite celebrations of the summer. 

No. 5 

Halep fist

Number 5 on the list but No. 2 in the world at the heat of the summer, Simona Halep. It's safe to say that Simona's Citi Open debut turned all of DC into "Halepeños". And that image right there, is the look of a fierce competitor. For all the football fanatics out there, this image just resonates the suave celebration of the world class running back, Barry Sanders. Proving that sometimes, simplicity is more significant. 

If that isn't enough to inspire more fierceness into your daily life, take behold of "the nod". Yep, it gets us every time. Simo - when you nod, we nod with you. 


No. 4 


Jack Sock. The Midwest American boy, who reached the ATP Finals for the first time in his career in 2017 in London. That's a lot to celebrate for the Kansas Native. This pictures claims our No. 4 spot because of the pure look of grit, excitement, and raw emotion. Now, we're not exactly sure if this was before or after someone had remarks about the court conditions...but boy is this image just enticingly filled with energy. 

No. 3 

Bouchard Stephens

Remember Sloane Stephens? The reigning US Open Champion? Well let's backtrack to July, where Ms. Stephens teamed up with her pal, Genie Bouchard, as our Doubles Wildcard Entry. In there first doubles debut, the due outlasted their opponents in the semifinals to secure a spot in their first doubles finals match. Just look at the celebration, are they not friend goals or what? Let's hope this duo makes a second appearance this summer!

No. 2 


The young and fierce, Alexander Zverev, captures our hearts at number 2. After a three set thriller to help him roll into the Quarterfinals, Zverev lets out all the emotion bringing everyone to their feet to join in the cheer. One of our favorite Citi Open contenders and 2017 Champion, we can't wait to see what the future holds for this world class ace of a player. 

No. 1 

Bryans Bump

How could we not pay homage to the "Bryan Brother's Bump" celebration? The most anticipated victory moment that has every camera phone ready to snap the band of brothers mid air. Will it be a boomerang? A GIF? Slow motion video? We'll leave that to the discretion of the fans, but nonetheless it surely is a must see that never fails to make us smile. 


Okay, one more celebration. Well, make that two actually. Because nothing is sweeter than the moment when you take your trophy into your hands - and, well, give it a big smooch. 



Cheers to unforgettable moments created right here at the Citi Open, and many, many more to come in 2018!