Become a Partner

The opportunity exists for a brand to utilize the Citi Open as an effective platform to drive business and gain awareness through various marketing strategies, experiential and PR programs, and extensive media offerings.
  • Reach a broad audience through presence in the national and international TV broadcasts
  • Entertain key clients or local influencers through corporate hospitality and the development of customized Special Events
  • Implement local retail initiatives while supporting the effort with on-site sales at the Citi Open
  • Develop unique and original content through branded video segments that may be used for commercial use 365 days a year and throughout the brand’s online/social platforms. Click here for an example.
  • Support a distinguished charity - the Washington Tennis & Education Foundation (WTEF) has successfully supported Washington, DC children by offering at-risk kids a rare blend of academic enrichment and tennis instruction while guiding them to a productive life path
Tennis provides an attractive audience for a brand to reach;
  • Strong buying power and disposable income (60% have income above $100,000)
  • Audience split almost equally between men (48%) and women (52%) 
  • Fans from all age groups; the majority are in mid 30’s (mean age of 36) 
  • Tennis attendees are 68% more likely than the general population to be influencers in many sponsored products and services 
  • 80% of attendees view tennis tournaments as a full entertainment experience, presenting an opportunity for attendees to connect with other fans and engage with sponsors
  • Tennis is a sport relevant to the Washington, DC area and is consistently among Tennis Channel’s top five rated markets
All partnership opportunities will be tailored to your corporate objectives. For more information, please contact Jeff Newman at 202-721-9515 or email and