Meet Bam and Boo

Bam and Boo – The story of the tennis loving pandas….

Bam and Boo met as baby pandas at the National Zoo. As little pandas, they had boundless energy. To try and tucker them out, their moms had them try a variety of sports. First they tried soccer. While they liked to run around, they found they couldn’t control the ball with their paws. Next they tried basketball, but found they had a hard time reaching the basket. They then tried gymnastics, but realized their bellies were a bit prohibitive. They felt defeated. All Bam and Boo wanted was to find a sport they could play together. They were walking around the zoo trying to think of what sport to try next, and they stumbled upon the kangaroos playing tennis. They saw some extra racquets and asked if they could join in. Next thing you know, Bam was sinking serves and Boo was volleying up a storm. While the kangaroos taught them the basics, Bam and Boo wanted to advance their tennis skills. Their moms heard about the programs at the Washington Tennis and Education Foundation around the watering hole and decided to sign Bam and Boo up for year round tennis lessons. The program was great. It advanced their skills in the classroom and on the court.

As time went on, Bam and Boo realized they were a dynamic doubles pair.  Where one had weakness, the other had strength. They also found that working as a team they could help each other improve their skills. They were a match!

Bam and Boo are excited to be ambassadors at this years 2014 Citi Open and beyond. They look forward to sharing their skills and story with a new set of young tennis fans.



Favorite Food: Thai Breaker

Hero: Kung Fu Panda

Favorite Subject: Physical Education

All-time favorite player: Andre Agassi



Left- handed

Favorite Food: Emirates Garden Club

Hero: Mulan

Favorite Subject: Health 

All-time favorite player: Serena Williams 






If you would like to schedule Bam and Boo to attend your event, please contact the Tournament Hotline at 202-721-9500.