The following items are PROHIBITED and may not be brought into the Tournament grounds:

  • Backpacks (multi-compartment bag with multiple straps)
  • Coolers, picnic baskets
  • Bags that do not fit on lap or under the seat occupied
  • Bottles or cans (glass or metal), hard coolers or like containers, water jugs, thermoses or picnic baskets
  • Food (except in limited quantities, i.e. single serving bag or for medical, dietary or infant purposes)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • All firearms or weapons of any kind regardless of permit (with the exception of the United States Park Police)
  • Illegal substances
  • Flags or banners that are large enough to obstruct other spectators' view
  • Professional video cameras or recording devices larger than 4"x14"x8"
  • Tennis racquets (unless approved in advance by Tournament officials)
  • Animals (except service or United States Park Police animals)
  • Any material constituting unauthorized advertising or promotions
  • Unmanned Aircraft: This term includes all types of devices that meet this definition (e.g., model airplanes, quadcopter, drones) that are used for any purpose, including for recreation or commerce. Launching, landing, or operating an unmanned aircraft from or on lands and waters administered by the National Park Service within the boundaries of Rock Creek Park is prohibited except as approved in writing by the Superintendent.
  • Any other items deems inappropriate, unlawful or dangerous by Tournament/security officials in their sole discretion.
  • Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated for the security and enjoyment of all fans. Thank you for your support.

What you CAN bring:

  • Hand bags, tote bags, cinch bags, messenger bags/briefcase, and other single compartment bags. Bags must fit on lap or under the seat occupied. Items that do not fit within these size limitations may not be allowed on the grounds at the discretion of Tournament security officials.
  • Single strap diaper bags, if accompanied by a child.
  • Food, only in limited quantities (i.e. single serving bags) or for medical, dietary or infant purposes.
  • One (1) unopened see-through plastic bottle of water per person up to 33.5 ounces / 1 liter. If not see-through, one empty water container up to 33.5 / 1 liter.


In order to provide a safe environment for all fans, Tournament Security reserves the right to conduct a hand-held metal detector search on a “next available” basis. The “next available” method is designed to allow searches to take place in a comfortable amount of open-ended time to avoid any compromise of safety while allowing fans to enter the facility with minimal delays. The staff person performing the metal detection wanding will conduct a screening of the first available person in line entering the gate and, when complete, will take the next available person in line regardless of the number of people who have passed while conducting the screening of the first person. The following person in line will be selected immediately upon completion of the current screening.


To ensure the safest and most enjoyable environment for you we will have K-9 US Park Police dogs patrolling the site this year.